05 January 2009

Card Club Today

This morning, I participated in "Card Club" at Collective Journey, the local scrapbooking store. It consists of several women who get together each month for project goodness. They each talked about what they've been working on during the past month, and many passed around samples. A couple of women even brought things to share, so I got some really great papers. Then there was a small project to work on. This was the first time I attended Card Club. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. I'll definitely be going back!

Today we made Valentine Tags that each held a Hershey's miniature. They aren't great pictures, but here's a snap of the table where some of the women were working and then a pic of the completed tag. They turned out really cute and were a lot of fun to make. I even got to work with that really sticky double-sided red tape; I had never worked with it before. I love it!

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