09 January 2009

Home Sick!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling just awful, so I've spent most of the past 24 hours in bed. This is last night's picture; I've just gotten around to posting it. B'Orange loves to lie in bed with the people, so he was there with me most of the time, lying at my feet, making it difficult for me to get comfortable! At least he wasn't lying on my chest. Usually I don't mind that, but my chest feels heavy enough, with all the congestion. I just have a bad cold, but it's a really bad one. I take so much prescription medication that I hate to add an OTC medication to the lot, but I finally broke down and took something and I immediately felt better. Treating the symptoms does have its value.

Last night, at 7:49 PM, we were treated to a 4.5 earthquake here in the Inland Empire. No damage at our house and no injuries anywhere, I believe, so it was quite exciting. I actually LIKE earthquakes, having never been in a bad one. I remember a couple as a kid in Arkansas, and then I've experienced a couple out here. The earthquake last night was my biggest one to date.

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Jill said...

WOW! An earthquake! Have never been in one but I'm sure it must be a freaky feeling. Glad everyone/thing is okay. I hope you're feeling better soon!!