04 January 2009

Saturday Night

Tonight, John and I went over to friend's house for a potluck and gaming. The Bowperson's cooked a turkey and a veggie (eww! peas!) and provided all the table settings. The newly married Hutt's brought pumpkin rolls and a cheesecake, Karl brought yummy garlic mashed potatoes, and John and I took a corn casserole that got rave reviews. Dinner was wonderful, and the company was superb. After dinner, everyone but me played a role-playing game. I was welcome to participate, but I'm not a big fan of role-playing games. I had lots of fun watching the game play and listening to the banter between the players. This is one of my favorite groups of people; I hope we see them again soon. 

The picture of the day is my husband during the role playing game. 

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