16 January 2009

Happy Anniversary To Me!

As I mentioned previously, today is our 10th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful day it has been. John and I haven't done anything really special -- just spent time together when he got home from work. He sent me the most beautiful red roses. Here they are before I trimmed them and put them in their vase. They are just gorgeous.  Thanks, btw, for all the well wishes -- both in comment form and via email -- that we received from all of you!

I mentioned in a previous post that I am taking an online scrapbooking class and that one of my assignments involved making an "attribute book" for somone I love; I chose my husband, John. It's done in an 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" format and stored in a lavender pleather binder. The binder is very luxurious. This is the title page.

Each page includes an attribute and a quote. This page is "enthusiastic". This picture was taken at our wedding rehearsal dinner. 

This is my favorite page, partly because of the theme and partly because of John being in uniform. He's in the National Guard and I'm so proud of him! I had so much fun putting the the album together. It highlights 22 attributes, or characteristics, that describe the way I see my husband and hope he sees himself. Focusing on his positive qualities this way, I fell a little bit more in love with him as I worked on it. It was a wonderful experience for me. I gave it to him for our anniversary. He loved it.


BelleEnchanted said...

Happy anniversary! The roses look gorgeous. And thank you for posting about your Attribute Book - they sound like they'd be such fun to make.

Kristy C said...

Happy Anniversary! Your book looks fabulous!