18 July 2005

Another Monday Night . . .

. . .but no Football yet. Instead, I've been: listening to MP3's (Right Now - Iron Maiden's Caught Somewhere In Time); tinkering with POV-Ray, a program to render 3D images; thinking about Allison Janey, my current in a long line of horsey-faced Celebrity crushes; wondering if I'll get our DSL modem to talk to the Intercom through our router (or vice-versa, or whatever); NOT 'studying' for my skills test and job interview tomorrow; checking with my wife to see if I can use the word 'lesbian' in our blog; eating Altoids Citrus Sours; and thinking about how ironic it is that over the three days I've been testing my new Instant Messaging app there's been precisely ONE message - my online pals are all lost at sea, it seems.

So that's what's going on. My wife (I say that like I've forgotten her name) - Cindy - is in the other room doing art.

I'm not concerned about the job stuff. The Army taught me to Keep Going, so I will either succeed now, or I'll succeed soon. Those are the only two answers.

I'll go now - I'll use our blog space for something really interesting.

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