26 July 2005


The word of the day is 'ferschlugener'. It's a nonsense Bad Word my dad uses. In a sentence: "I still can't get my ferschlugener router to share our DSL connection."

I've been to Verizon's site . . copied and pasted then printed all kinds of hints and tips and passwords and user names and network addresses, but to no avail so far. I've tinkered and poked at our devices no end, and it's just not happening.

We've just had a successful DSL service for two years, so I more or less know how to set things up. But Verizon is different somehow, and it isn't cooperating at all. An old friend from Out There in Blog Reader Land has given us a band new Linksys 4-Port router. I'll have a long talk with Verizon tomorrow about whether the Linksys is likely to work any better than our ancient D-Link, or if it's supported by anyone.

Clearly, I have more technology than is good for me.

In other news, I had job interviews last Friday and yesterday. Friday was Federal Express - I've related that story on these pages already. Yesterday was ETS Pulliam. The work would be getting data of schools' standardized test scores into a database. The work sounds interesting, and I got a really good feeling sitting there in their offices. Everyone I met was nice. The people working looked like they got along well and were enjoying their work. The interview went well - it really is true that the more of them you do, the better at them you get. It's hurry up and wait while they decide who to hire.

Not much else going on. I see Cindy has still not related her news. Tomorrow is a happening . . . she will have double the action to report and comment on. I predict: utter victory, of course!

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