30 July 2005

Showing My Web Age

John and I were talking a few days ago and he asked if I remembered the first web site I visited. I promptly said that it was Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches. I remember it well; I was at a little mini-class at the University of Arkansas on web design and the speaker demo-ed this page. Totally cool in 1994.

Today, out of nostalgia, I decided to see if this page was still up. Then I realized -- This couldn't have been the first website I visited because it has pictures. When I first started surfing the web, there were no pictures. The reason Grant, the instructor, was showing us this page was because it was the wave of the future! Up til then, if you wanted to share a picture with someone, she had to download it and then look at it with her own software on her desktop. And she was happy to do it!

Now, she'll surf to a new page if your pics take too long to load. We've really come a long way in eleven years.

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Alison said...

Well, let us know one way or the other. We're watchin' out here!