23 July 2005


'ow are you lot? Things are fine from this part of Saturday!

Cindy has news, but I'll let her come tell you all. As for me, I had a job interview Friday morning, and it went very well. It sounds like the Fedex job is mine if I want it! We'll see if Steve at Arrow / RES has anything definite about the technical editing position I was in for. If not, I may be a Package Handler.

My interview was with Cindy - different Cindy - one of the managers. She was very nice. She talked about how tough, physically, the work is, and how high the stress level is. Getting up in the middle of the night? Stress? Outrageous physical demands? Constant, er, 'encouragement' from supervisors? Sounds like Basic Training! All Cindy (manager) asked was that I give 100%. The two things I proved in Basic Training are that I don't say no, and I don't quit. You *can't* fail when that's your M.O.

The John and Cindy (wife, not Fedex manager) show went on the road. Friday was a trip to the Art Bar for Cindy, and I visited a friend from college. Today was a scrapbooking convention in Ontario for Cindy and free time for me. I spent my time listening to Leo Laporte on KFI and thinking about what to have for lunch. Tomorrow, we expect to go back to Art Bar and College friend. Lots of good play time and adventures before I'm off to work!

Not much interesting technical going on . . . I've half given up on our router. There's a firmware update I can download, but the descriptions on D-Link's site didn't sound like it would help the issues I'm having. But I may try just to be able to say I've tried everything. Ah, Karl suggested I get info from Verizon about their DNS addresses, login protocols, and all that, so that may be the real next step.

Oh, something kinda interesting, after all: I've had my eye on the Hewlett-Packard Jornada handheld computers for a few weeks now. A (model) 690 can be had on eBay for under $75.00 If gainful employment is as close as it looks like it is, I may be getting one as a 'back to work' prize, just to mess with. So watch this space for impressions, reviews, and a discussion of how well it runs TADS.

That's all for now. Sci Fi Book Club tonight - I'm not really involved, I just go to see me pals! Cheerio!

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