28 July 2005


. . . so I go into our local Verizon store the other day to pay our phone bill, and what do I find? They've done away with the bank-style line-up rope things back at the bill pay area. You SIGN A LOGBOOK when you come in and then one of the sales thugs will help you. HELLO? The sales thugs are the reason I only go in there once a month anyway. I am NOT going to deal with semi-literate mutant cell phone sales vultures! No. No no no no no. They used to have at least one disinterested thickly-accented-English sales thug assigned to the bill pay desk, but he got sent up for carjacking or something, 'cause now there's no one back there.

"You'll have to sign the book, sir. We'll be with you in a minute" one of the sales thugs said, seeing me looking at the now-empty bill pay area.

"Okay!" I said cheerfully, moving toward the front of the store. Thinking to myself something like, "Yeah, that'll happen!" Or - gosh - did I say that out loud? I guess I did.

I moved my happy ass right out the front door, never to return.

Nice job, Verizon.

By the way, Utility Payment Center on Yucaipa Boulevard handles Verizon payments.

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