31 July 2005

Change O-ver! (Swiiitch!)

Greetings and salutations! How is every darn thing?

Today - or yesterday, it's hard to tell - I started making the transition from Day person to Night person. To do this, I stayed awake from 1800 Friday night to 0900 Saturday morning. We went to role playing Friday night at 1900 . . . we in fact did not role-play, but instead played a board game, Settlers of Catan (with the optional Cities and Knights ruleset) until about 1240 Saturday morning (040 hours). Lots of fun was had - Karl was in rare comedic form and dinner was pizza and soda. (You can't go far wrong when there are friends and pizza). The game was okay - Cindy and I are new to it, so we fell behind early and often - and the company was great.

Then we came home, I put Cindy to bed and stayed up through the night, alternating between watching TV and playing on the computer. You can get ALOT of the Iron Maiden fan forum and Iron Maiden blog read in that time, lemme tell ya.

After that, I slept from 0930 to 1230 Saturday. Cindy went to a pre-employment screening thingy at 1200 hrs Saturday, and woke me up for lunch when she got home. I was up and about from approximately 1230 to 1500, and then played around and slept another bit, before we went off to roleplaying tonight at about 1815. We got out of there about 0100. Now it's 0200 Sunday morning. I'm about to put Cindy to bed and have another night at it. I plan to go to bed about 0900. Lots of fun until then!

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Alison said...

John! My neighbor is a pipefitter and just started a 6pm to 4am (civilian time) shift and is hurtin'. I would think in the summer, though, it would be nice to be about in the coolest part of the day. Is it hard to sleep during the hot day? I can't sleep in in the summer because my room is the first part of the house to warm up, and yet I don't think I've gone to bed on time all summer (aahhh, the woes of an off-all-summer-but-still-get-paid teacher!). Hope you are doing well.