21 July 2005

Thurs - July 21 - O:Dark:30


Woke up at 0330 this morning, wide awake and ready to do things. There's not much to do at 3:30.

I've been amusing myself reading Nicko's Diary - Iron Maiden's drummer has regular posts to their website. It's very interesting - for instance, he never has an unkind word for anyone, and almost every post talks about him running into old friends, or having a great dinner and conversation. Some of the posts are shockingly mundane - one morning he vacuumed his carpet, returned some phone calls, then went out to find that his car wouldn't start. Gosh, the life of a big-time rock star!

I'm getting a technical support run-around. We have new DSL, and right now it's plugged straight into into the back of R5-D4 (my computer). I've been trying for a week to get it through our router so Cindy can play. (Right now, she's sharing my computer when she wants the 'Intercom'). So there have been several half-hearted calls to Verizon. Finally they said they had done everything they could, and that I should talk to the router maker (D-Link). I got to D-Link yesterday and they said the router is so old they can't support it, and they advised that I Go Away Now. Actually, what they said was to check their website for helpful tips, and be sure to see their large online technical support archive, but I know a Go Away Now when I hear one. But I did go explore, and, sure enough, there was very little of relevance. I've been talking to Karl, and he came to the same conclusion I was getting to - it may be time for a newer router.
And, being connected straight to the Internet, there is now all kinds of cyber goo in my computer. Some things Ad-Aware and Spybot can deal with, and some they can't. I'm off to Trend Micro's Housecall page when I finish this post.

In other news, I am currently up for two jobs. One is being a package-unloader grunt at Federal Express. That would be amusing, and it would be built-in PT, to keep me in shape for my Army tasks and drills. The other is - well, I'm not totally sure. It has something to do with editing technical documents. Obviously, I don't have a lot of details. It's office work requiring good typing and computer skills. The office job has regular hours, better pay, and is closer to home. But I've learned my lesson - jump on every chance you get, and see what happens. Either way, it will be an adventure.

I'm about done with my breakfast (little box of cereal, glass of OJ and granola bar) and I'm back to bed for a nap before I have to take the ol' jam jar (Nicko slang for 'my car') in for service.

Talk to you soon.

See you later, Be well, Hooah, or Up the Irons - as appropriate.

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