27 September 2007

Art Journaling

Thanks to Tyn at pookieville, I found a video on YouTube about keeping an art journal. Just half a day after a book on art journeling at Barnes & Noble made me cry. In fact, this video made me cry, too. Think I need to be doing some art journaling maybe?


Anonymous said...

It is a great clip, but maybe some sleep would help!!!
I loved it, Suzi really hit the nail on the head- and I started my art journal last night! That is something I have been wanting to do for years, but been to worried (?) to start.The only problem is that I didn't want to stop to go to sleep!! I am going to post some pics of mine. I hope you start one too- and show us!!

Jillian said...

Thanks for posting this, Cindy. I really enjoyed the clip and went to YouTube and watched other SuziBlu Vlogs. Very inspiring. I'm gonna own one of Suzi's paintings one day. They make my heart happy.