26 September 2007

Halloween ATCs

I'm finally posting pictures of the much talked about Halloween ATCs. Just a reminder, these are for the Halloween Challenge in the TheLatestTrendsinMixedMediaArts
Yahoo group. The Challenge was that we were all supposed to use the same image, provided by Twisted Papers. Here is my offering:

These are the cards that I used the roof flashing, alcohol inks and transparencies for. They were so fun to make that I think I'm going to make another set or two for the swap at Stamp Your Heart Out. If I make eight of these, and use my two gargoyle ATCs, that will give me my ten minimum to play with. I'm just not into Halloween. I may make some regular cards, too, in case there are others not into it either. I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm just not really into the whole holiday season. I mean, I enjoy getting together with friends and family, and to an extent the decorations. But, to be honest, I get tired of the commercial aspect of the holidays. It's only September and I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in the stores. Not a lot, but there are some there. I really respect that Christmas is a meaningful religious holiday to some people, and I do appreciate the idea behind Thanksgiving. But since I've become an adult, these holidays just don't have the fascination for me that they once did. Not just because I don't get presents or get days off school, either!

I tried explaining this to someone this morning and I don't think I did a much better job than I'm doing right now. I'm not just ambivalent about the holiday season, I'm actually indifferent. The only redeeming aspect of the holiday season is the personal holidays (hubby's birthday, in-laws anniversary, Ward's birthday, our wedding anniversary, my birthday) that take place during the official holiday season. In fact, John's birthday and Ward and Margaret's wedding anniversary every year mark the beginning of the holiday season for our family.

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