30 September 2007

Be Careful At 3:18 AM!!!

In the wee hours of this morning, I decided to play a bit with Blogger. I changed the template that we are using for our blog. In the process, I lost all of our blog links and our sitemeter. I can't remember the login or password to sitemeter and our email addresses have changed since we got that account, so they couldn't email me the password. We had to start all over. No real big deal, but I had to go through several steps that I wouldn't have had to go through if I'd been paying attention.

I also lost all of our the blog links along the right hand side. I actually use the list, so it shouldn't be too hard to recreate, huh? Well, it was time to drop a couple, as I find myself not reading them, and one I couldn't find an address for. So, I added a couple of new ones and called it done.

Before I started playing with Blogger, I was going through my issue of Artful Blogging. There were a few blogs that I really liked:
Really, they were the only blogs that featured the kind of art that I enjoy so much. The rest of it was a lot of photography -- some of which was really great! I liked the blogs that showed what someone called "hands on" art. I struggle with that, because I think that photography is art; it's a talent that I certainly don't have. But just as I distinguish fine art from altered art, I distinguish photography from both of those. I enjoy some of it -- just like I enjoy some fine art -- but none of those blogs really spoke to me the way these did.

Go check them out and see what you think!


Anonymous said...

I got your message about collage/transfer class. Yea!! I'm looking forward to it!!

suzi blu said...

Bi-polar princess - I like that!

Be brave cindy. we are all here for each other <3