30 September 2007

Keep On Blogging ...

I mentioned to a new friend that I was having a rough time. She's read a few recent entries so I think she already knew that. During the course of our conversation, she said, "Keep on blogging." I took that to mean, among other things, keep doing what I do, and the rough time will work itself out. I'll make it through, as I always seem to do. And, keep sharing where I'm at, artistically and personally, because others have been there, or are there, too.

So, it's 1:58 AM; John is in bed and the cats have quieted down for the night. Sleep is no where in sight. I've answered every email in my boxes that needed answering. I've done some art. I've caught up on my Yahoo groups. I've blog-hopped. And what am I doing now? I'm sitting here with you. Doing what it is that I do, hoping that the time passes quickly until this period is over. Hoping that someone else, who is feeling the way I feel, will find this and identify with what I'm writing.

Thanks so much those of you who commented on my last entry. I really appreciated hearing what you had to say. I took comfort in knowing that others understood -- maybe even have felt a bit that way themselves. Knowing that I'm not alone really does help take away the pain.

When I say I've been doing art, I've been working in a brand new art journal! I have two spreads done, and I'm waiting for them to dry sufficiently to put down on a scanner. Don't want to muck up the glass, now do I? They aren't pretty. In fact, both have elements that I have to fight myself to keep from doing over. But the point was to express myself, not make perfect, pretty art. That, I definitely didn't do!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the paints and the oil pastels (not Portfolio brand. Gotta get me some of those. I have them on my Amazon Wish List but suspect I'll be buying them for myself before the next gift giving occasion comes up!), smooshing them around on the page. I'm not a painter, and I'm certainly not a sketcher, but I drew little arrows on one of the spreads. Sounds like a little thing, I know, but to me, it was a MAJOR deal, almost doodling like that! I want to be painting now, but know that the book will never get dry enough to scan if I don't let it sit, undisturbed, for a few hours!

Thanks again to those of you who read and comment. Hell, thanks to those of you who read and don't comment! Thanks for letting me share a little piece of myself with you.

Now, I'm off to blog-hop some more! If I can't be smooshing paint around on a page, I can at least be looking at others' efforts!

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