16 September 2007

ATC Swap Report

I told you I was going to go to an ATC swap at Stamp Your Heart Out yesterday and I did. First there was a demonstration of the QuicKutz Die-cutting System aimed at ATC makers, showing us how to make ATCs using the QuicKutz systems. It was interesting and, of course, now I want one! There are things I want more, first, so it will be a long time coming to this household, unless I just find an incredible deal. I'd like to have Photoshop Elements and a scanner, first, although I may be content to use my father-in-law's scanner for a while longer. That QuicKutz was mighty tempting! But then you have to buy all the dies to go with it ... I dunno.

Anyway, about the ATC swap. That's what you're really interested in, I know. At first, it was kind of slow. I swapped with one woman, Deidre, that I'd met last week in the store, but after that I didn't know what to do. I mean it doesn't sound like rocket science, but I can be a bit shy in unusual social situations, and this was completely foreign to me. I had no idea what to do. Plus, everyone had their cards in binders, and I had mine in a cigar box, so I felt different right away. But when Teri, the woman in charge said, "You can start trading now" everyone just turned to the person next to them and asked if they wanted to trade. It seemed like lots of people had made editions or series, but most of my cards were originals. I got lots of positive feedback, and everyone loved my cigar box! I eventually saw someone else there with a box, but hers was pretty and decorated. Everyone was very nice and the store handed out goody bags and had great refreshments.

If you've never had the experience of trading face-to-face, I'd suggest that you try it. It was great fun. I had a BLAST!

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