10 September 2007

ATCs Posted

I mentioned earlier that I had been working on ATCs over the past several days, and I posted the one that I added elements to from way back, finally calling it finished. I tried to post the rest in my yahoo group, but I had trouble. Yahoo said something was corrupted. I could have kept messing with it, but I decided it was easier to post the ATCs to my blog and refer people here. This will be a long post, as there are several ATCs and a few comments.

The man on this card and the one that follows, Man About Town, was my grandmother's husband, Paul Simmons.

This is a Tim Holtz style card. In fact, I copied it from a book on artist trading cards, just for the experience of working in his style. The book gave permission for copying -- it even gave directions on making the individual cards!

This is the first of a larger group of cards I made out of the same background papers. This set, not really a series, is worth mentioning because the individual cards are based on the lay-out lessons at Lisa Vollrath's Go Make Something. The lessons teach the kind of things I thought we'd learn in Basic Design class, but sadly, we did not. I'd provide a link, but you must be a registered user to see the articles. Registration is free and easy and there is lots of interesting information, tutorials, and videos.

This is my first series, Circle Takes The Square. Again, based on one of Lisa's lay-out designs and lessons. I couldn't decide which paper to use, so I made one out of each paper! I enjoyed finding the coordinating ribbon and circle elements, so there may be more cards in this series, simple as it is.

This series is made from fabric, following the instructions in Lisa Vollrath's booklet on Artist Trading Cards. I tinted the lace with Walnut Stain, although you probably can't really see that in this picture.
Another Tim Holtz style card. These were fun to make, although a tad bit more cluttered than I really like. Maybe it's a matter of confidence.


Tammy said...

Wow! Very nice. I think you're well on your way to teaching a class on these!

Francine said...

Great ATCs, Cindy. I like that you pay so much attention to the backgrounds on your cards. It truly makes a difference. Hope you had a nice swap yesterday.

Lori Roberts said...

Wonderful Blog Cindy. Hope you had a great time with the Live ATC exchange. That sure would be great to do that.