20 September 2007

New ATCs

Before I go back to bed, I thought I'd post scans of my newest ATCs. I made these all before the dental surgery; I'm just now getting around to posting them.

When I ordered from Collage Stuff a couple of weeks ago, Lisa included a little bag of goodies. In that bag, there were two images of gargoyles. Normally, I don't just love gargoyles, but I knew right away I had to do something with these. Using a technique described in Let's Trade Artist Trading Cards, I made a really cool background that reminds me of stained glass.

Secrets uses the same background technique. This is my first effort at being creative on demand. One of the Yahoo! Groups I belong to, Altered_stArt, has a mingle with a theme. I've never participated, partly out of shyness, but mostly because I just couldn't be creative on demand, come up with something that spoke to me about the theme, whatever it is. But the current theme is "Secrets" and that really hit me.

The card didn't turn out quite the way I envisioned it; I think the alphabet stamps that spell out "Secrets" are too whimsical, but that's what I had. I was determined not to buy anything new for this card, since I'm spending a ton on the card I'm creating for TheLatestTrendsinMixedMediaArts. Well, maybe not a ton, but I've bought transparencies and I'm buying roof flashing. But I think it will turn out really nice, so it will be worth it. Plus, I'm working with all new techniques, so I'll be learning a lot.

Now, I'm off to bed!

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