19 September 2007

I Survived!

Just a quick note to report that I survived my dental surgery yesterday. As it turns out, I didn't go completely under. They used some kind of IV sedation that numbed only my mouth. It was very effective. I did come home and sleep for most of the afternoon and evening. I just had one moment of concern. I was eating a yogurt and got very light-headed. I managed to finished eating and threw away my container, then was working my way back to bed. My legs just gave out from under me and I crumbled to the floor. That was kind of scary, but other than that, I did fine. My mouth is still very sore today, as you might imagine.

I went back to the dentist today for an adjustment. The lower partial fits much better now; it's much more comfortable. I sound funny when I talk -- lots of lisping. How did I talk when I had a mouth full of natural teeth? Hopefully, that will get better as I get used to having all these teeth in my mouth again. I haven't had a full mouth of teeth in years.

Thanks to everyone for their concern and especially to my in-laws for their wonderful care during my recuperation.

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