20 September 2007

ATCs Traded For

I woke up with a sore mouth, so I just had a bowl of ice cream. Yum. I thought, before I went to bed that I'd post scans of some of the ATCs that I traded for over the week-end. This is just a few of them, the ones that the artists listed contact information for. I've asked everyone if I could post a scan of their card, although I wonder if that was absolutely necessary, since technically the card is mine now. I haven't heard back from everyone yet; if I get any "nay" responses, of course, I'll remove their cards at once.

Brown Bagging It by Joan

Don't Be Afraid -- Play by Diedre LaGuardia

Hello by Colleen Kwan

Memories of You by Micki Antinone

Proboscis by Erika Fabian

School Again by Mary Sweet

Soliel by Michele Daly

Untitled by Megan Peacock

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